Louneil (Mama) Horne
February 4, 1927 - April 10, 2017
Mama Horne's Testimony "God Delivered me from Iron Clamps!

I first heard of A. A. Allen in the late '50s. We had a little radio by our bed and we started picking him up on that strong station in Texas. We would listen to his broadcast every night to hear portions of his live services.

During this time my baby girl was born. And as sometimes happens, I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was on the edge of losing my mind. Being a Baptist, I had no one to turn to and I didn't know what to do. Then one night while we were listening to Bro. Allen's broadcast, I was sitting in a chair bouncing my baby on my knees to get her to sleep. Suddenly the power of God came over me; it felt like iron bands began to unclamp at the top of my head and I felt each one all the way to my feet. I was delivered instantly and it has never returned.

Not long after that Bro. Allen came to the Fairgrounds Auditorium in Birmingham, AL. We had the opportunity to go. When David Davis started that white Hammond organ that was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life. There is nothing more beautiful this side of Heaven. On that night the baby with 26 major illnesses was healed. Also, a little boy from Russellville, AL was there in a brace that started at his neck and went to his ankles. Brother Allen prayed for him then sent men to his truck to get pliers and screwdrivers to remove the brace. Needless to say the little boy was healed and ran all over that auditorium. The child had polio and his parents would not bring him to the meetings. A compassionate neighbor brought him to the meeting for healing.

Later, Bro. Allen had his big gospel tent in Atlanta, GA and on that Sunday afternoon a man was brought in on a stretcher with cancer. His stomach was so swollen that his pants lacked about eight inches meeting. Immediately when the man of God prayed for him, his stomach went down to normal and Bro. Allen pulled the man's pants together.

This is the eyewitness testimony of Louneil Horne of Anniston, AL.